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Labor Day Message 2014
A day of rest for millions of hard working Americans who support their families and strive for a better life. Traditionally in our country, hard work would pave they way for advancement and success. Unfortunately it seems government has interfered with private sector so much that many Americans are not feeling very good about the future.

Here in Rahway, starting in 2000, career Democrat politicians created a taxpayer funded Redevelopment zone and later an Arts district. They promised property tax relief would come after they built it. In the 14 years since they took us down this path, the city debt has tripled to almost 60 million dollars and property taxes are up 140%. These figures can be found in past budgets and ordinances we have carefully examined.

Instead of the promised tax relief, politicians like the former mayor and others have received no bid contacts and several jobs in the Arts, with zero qualifications. Large connected firms received generous land deals, expensive contracts and tax abatements. Other officials have received ridiculous retirement settlements and continue to work in Redevelopment and the Arts. It seems our downtown was sold to the highest bidders.

Then an election was overturned by the party bosses.

In 2013, the last elected Mayor was chased from office for asking questions about all of this. Rahway Democrats then gave us an unelected Mayor telling us he was the best and brightest they have. The unelected Mayor then took another administration job in a democrat city only 3 months in office. He is now asking Rahway voters to re-elect him to office running on this same platform. More development and business as usual.

The bottom line with all of this? All of it adds up to HIGHER property taxes and mismanagement

Rahway taxpayers cannot afford anymore large political patronage jobs, no bid contacts and government waste. The career Democrat politicians like the unelected Mayor, will send you a tax increase every 4 months and expect you to pay it. When elections come, they tell you their doing a great job and expect your vote again. And so it goes, on and on.

Taxpayers have no friend in city hall,
they have a BILL COLLECTOR!!

Rahway Deserves Better
is why I am running for Mayor

  • End High Tax increases by eliminating no bid contact's & unnecessary borrowing
  • Improve public safety and other services by removing politics out of departments
  • Hire the most qualified people, not politically connected insiders

We can achieve these results by working together with all the groups in our community. The Democrat politicians failed policies of separating Rahway into transit community vs. Homeowner has to end. We cannot afford more of the same. We can make Rahway affordable once again.

I look forward to working with all of you,

Patrick J. Cassio
Republican Candidate for Mayor of Rahway

Open, Honest and Accountable City Government
  • Mayor Proctor Resigns
  • Acting Mayor Steinman loses MAJOR Court Battle
  • RahwayGOP Reorganize
  • Cassio for Mayor
    November 4, 2014
    46 Days left

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